Mexico’s 1823 Colonization Law

Instituted Restrictions to Limit Chattel Slavery in the Texas Colonies

The Colonization Law issued by Agustín de Iturbide on January 3, 1823 particularly Article 30 was instituted to limit the growth of slavery within the anglo colonies being established in Coahuila y Texas.

Article 30 declared that:

No podrá hacerse despues de la promulgación de esta ley venta ni compra de los escalvos que sean conducidos al Imperio: los hijos de éstos que nazcan en él serán libres á los catorce años.


There can not be, after the promulgation of this law, neither the sale nor the purchase of slaves who are transported into the Empire: the children of them, born within it will be free at the age of fourteen.

Mexican Colonization Law 1823, Page 1
Mexican Colonization Law 1823, Page 2
Mexican Colonization Law 1823, Page 3

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