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NPR, “A Chapter in US History often Ignored: The Flight of Runaway Slaves to Mexico.” February 28, 2021.
Texas Highways Magazine, “The Little Know History of Texas’ Underground Railroad.”


“Just A Ferry Ride to Freedom.”


Texas Monthly
Why This Mexican Village Celebrates Juneteenth

LA Times
American militias have a long history on the U.S.-Mexico border

History Channel 
The Little-Known Underground Railroad That Ran South to Mexico:
Unlike the northern free states, Mexico didn’t agree to return fugitive slave

The Little-Known Southern Underground Railroad into Mexico Is an Important Piece of Black History

The Daily Texan
Thanksgiving alternative fueled by historical context: Unthanksgiving

Public Radio International
This Underground Railroad took slaves to freedom in Mexico

Reporting Texas
28 Years After a Forgotten Mass Shooting in Texas, a Survivor Looks Back

The Austin Chronicle
For Whom the Bells Toll: Lege Enacts campus carry on the 50th anniversary of the UT Tower Shooting   

The Daily Texan
Media Coverage of Shootings Evolves Over Past 50 Years

Spectrum News
UT Unveils Website Dedicated to History of 1966 Tower Shooting

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