Black Liberation Geographies

Reconsidering Geographies, Timelines & Actors of Liberation

Perilous Channels To Mexico

Most geographies that led to Mexico were extremely dangerous & difficult to cross & some were more deceiving than others. Routes taken across Texas were particularly unforgiving. Those that led across Blanco and Medina counties, for instance, led many a freedom fighter south & southwest & straight to Mexican soil. But while these geographies regularly witnessed successful journeys to Mexico ( in some part because various anti-slavery groups —including Blanco County’s German communities— were widely known to harbor & offer assistance to Black Americans crossing this region) these were geographies that witnessed endless failed attempts. Countless freedom fighters were caught by slave hunters before reaching Mexican soil, particularly as they passed the Pedernales River (Blanco County) seeking to reach Piedras Negras. If caught, they were quickly taken to San Antonio & committed to the county jail to await their enslavers & be returned to US bondage. And, unfortunately, countless others faced more violent fates across these very geographies including being violently murdered by slave hunters & pro-slavery vigilantes intent on procuring Black women, men, and children did not make it to Mexico to claim freedom there.

A Digital Timeline: Black Women in the Fight for Freedom

Map created by Dr. María Esther Hammack. Cite accordingly.

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